SQAWebinar650: What’s Our Job When the Machines Do Testing? #SQAWebinars20Nov2018 #sealights

SQAWebinar650: What’s Our Job When the Machines Do Testing?  #SQAWebinars20Nov2018 #sealights


When: November 20 2018, 8 am PST

What You Gain:

  • New opportunities for the application of AI across the engineering and testing landscape and the new role of the QA manager in this emerging market
  • Popular current test cases of integrating ML in testing activities
  • The best practices in implementing current ML technologies in test engineering and IT operations
  • Q&A

Who Should Attend?

  • Test Engineers- Yes
  • Test Architects- Yes
  • Mobile/Automation Engineers- Yes
  • QA Managers- Yes
  • QA Directors- Yes
  • VP QA- Yes
  • CTO- Yes
  • Anyone who has curiosity to know about SQA/Testing Automation


Dell EMC


Geoff Meyer

Webinar Details:


There’s no doubt that Machine Learning (ML) has brought new test automation capabilities into software organizations.

Join Geoff Meyer, Test Architect at Dell EMC, as he explores industry-wide applications of analytics and ML in testing. Geoff will share an in-depth view into how this next generation of automation is being used by QA and Software Development Managers to optimize testing operations in today’s workplace.

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