Test Automation During Sprint..Every Agile SQA Manager Wants To Know…

Test Automation During Sprint..Every Agile SQA Manager Wants To Know…

Is It Really Possible to Automate Stories During the Sprint?

  • This is a very common question or worry for any SQA Manager who has worked in Old waterfall, spiral or hybrid models.
  • Now The Latest Model is Agile. How to cope up? What to do?
  • The Demand and Need of the Hour is to have a story for automation as well and nip it.
  • What is the Real Answer?

This is what we at SQAWebinars recommend based on learning and speaking with at-least 43 SQA Automation Managers…….

  • Create a story for any and every automation task and put the hours on your board or tool.
  • Target and Aim to automate in the same sprint.
  • The automated task for every story should be the story’s definition of done. Ideally you should aim to automate the stories within the current sprint.
  • Deeper or Later in the sprint , generally you have shortage or scarce time at hand.
  • Automation is carried out in frameworks these days. So it is not cumbersome to create functions, methods and save them.
  • During the later part of sprint engineer is left with the mundane task of creating plug and play scripts as the framework in ..bingo….already up and running.
  • This applies to page, objects, model applications or any other scenario of frameworks.
  • During end of the sprint….jus(intended) add them to the sandbox and blast your scripts.
  • You are a top of the line agile automation manager 🙂 isn’t it?
  • However the above completely depends on how one is managing the time vs priorities…….




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