20 + World-Leading Test Automation Experts online session January 8-10th 10AM-6PM (EST) 2018

20 + World-Leading Test Automation Experts online session January 8-10th 10AM-6PM (EST) 2018

Most Awaited Expert Session that begins with the dawn of 2018.

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We highly recommend this online Epic Test Automation Conference where the Best Automation Experts of The Industry will be Sharing their experiences.

A very good way to start your year 2018 on a highly knowledgeable and technical note. Get into 2018 #HighlyTechnical.

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This is a paid Automation Conference 197 USD and 10% off if you join using our promo code.

Conference Schedule:

Day 1 Schedule Jan 8 2018
Gil Tayar, Applitools

Not Only Cars:“AI, Please Test My Apps”
Richard Bradshaw,Ministry Of Testing
Don’t be SCARED of automated checks/tests
Leo Laskin,
Anyone Can Cook With Automation
Titus Fortner-Watir
Jeff Morgan
Patterns in Automation
Jane Mareth
15:00 – 15:55
Getting Started with WinAppDriver
ShashiKant Jagtap
 – 16:55
Hands On XCUITest for iOS apps
 ——  Round Table Angie Jones, Ali Khalid and Oren Rubin
Day 2 Schedule- Jan 9 2018
Manoj Kumar, Speaker
 – 10:55
From Call back’s hell to using Async Await:Automated testing with JavaScript
Mark Winteringham,
11:00 – 11:55
REST APIs and WebDriver:In Perfect Harmony
Eran, PerfectoMobile
 – 12:55
Perfecto Sponsored Speaker
T J Maher,
 – 13:55
How to Pass a Coding Interview as an Automation Developer
Lisa Crispin,
 – 14:55
The Secrets of Successful Test Automation
Ash Coleman,
 – 15:55
What Are Your Automation Tests Telling You?
Jason Arbon,
16:00 – 16:55
Reliable mobile automation with AI
17:00 – 17:55
Day 2 End Of Day Roundtable- Paul Grvizzaffi and Meaghan Lewis
Day 3 Schedule Jan 10 2018
Toyer Mamoojee,
 – 10:55
Automagically covering the Automation Pyramid and
Agile Quadrants
 Corina Pip
11:00 – 11:55
Be productive in your automation with the Apache Commons helper libraries
Bria Grangard
 – 12:55
SmartBear Sponsored Speaker – Laying the Foundation for Enduring Success: Elements of a Test Framework
Mark Fink
 – 13:55
Automated Deployment To AWS
Paul Grossman
 – 14:00
The Dark Arts of Functional Testing with UFT 14.0
Michelle XIE,
 – 15:55
How does Automation Developer Work with DevOps
Mike Talks,
16:00 – 16:55
Better Unit Testing by Example
Satyajit Malugu,
17:00 – 17:55
Robust and reliable Android app automation with Espresso

Host of this Event Joe Colantonio, TestTalks

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