The Art and Science of Test Automation #SQAWebinars10Oct2018

The Art and Science of Test Automation #SQAWebinars10Oct2018


When: October 10 2018, 10.00 AM MDT

What You Gain:

  • You can start painting without learning how to draw, but a good artist can tell — just by looking at a painting— if a work of art was done by someone who was an experienced artist, or a novice.
  • Similarly, you can start automation without much training, but an engineer, well versed in automation, can quickly tell whether someone is practiced or not.
  • Explain how the Art and Science of Automation can lead us from being a novice to being an expert, and argue that the Science of Automation will help us with our approach in the process of automation, and the frameworks that could be used. But the Science of Automation does not stand alone.
  • In order to achieve its goal of contributing to the quality of the application and allowing the team to test and release software in a timely manner, there is another integral piece that needs to be addressed: “what to automate?” Answering this question is what I call the Art of Automation.
  • This is the subjective piece of automation and the mistakes when answering it are not easily detectable.
  • Addressing it can only be achieved by a good understanding of what testing is and how to test.
  • Q&A

Who Should Attend?

  • Test Engineers- Yes
  • Test Architects- Yes
  • Mobile/Automation Engineers- Yes
  • QA Managers- Yes
  • QA Directors- Yes
  • VP QA- Yes
  • CTO- Yes
  • Anyone who has curiosity to know about SQA/Testing Automation


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Mandana Nabizadeh

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