13 March 2019

SQAWebinar687:Defending Against The 3 Biggest Cyber Threats #SQAWebinars04Apr2019 -Schneider

SQAWebinar687:Defending Against The 3 Biggest Cyber Threats #SQAWebinars04Apr2019 -Schneider

When: April 04 2019, 10:00 AM  PDT

What You Gain:

    • Malware, including Ransomware
    • Phishing/Social Engineering
    • Man in the Middle Attacks
    • Q&A

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Who Should Attend?

  • Test Engineers- Yes
  • Test Architects- Yes
  • Mobile/Automation Engineers- Yes
  • QA Managers- Yes
  • QA Directors- Yes
  • VP QA- Yes
  • CTO- Yes
  • Anyone who has curiosity to know about SQA/Testing Automation




David Lee, Oral Gurel and Marty Edwards

Webinar Details:

If the best defense is a good offense, then today’s industries in WWW, F & B, and MMM could do more. This webinar features an expert panel discussion of how to tackle three of the biggest risks that threaten industry today. Webinar will discuss real-world situations and examples of how to combat the threats.

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