SQAWebinar681:A Path To Autonomous Testing #SQAWebinars27Feb2019 #pCloudy

SQAWebinar681:A Path To Autonomous Testing #SQAWebinars27Feb2019 #pCloudy


When: Feb 27 2019, 08:00 AM  PST  

What You Gain:

  • Emerging AI-ML practices to improve software testing
  • Use cases where AI-ML can be used
  • Autonomous capabilities for Mobile App Testing
  • Q&A

Who Should Attend?

  • Test Engineers- Yes
  • Test Architects- Yes
  • Mobile/Automation Engineers- Yes
  • QA Managers- Yes
  • QA Directors- Yes
  • VP QA- Yes
  • CTO- Yes
  • Anyone who has curiosity to know about SQA/Testing Automation



Avinash Tiwari and Diego Lo Giudice

Webinar Details:

The metaphor “Don’t follow me, you won’t make it” suits in the context of the adoption of AI. Organizations adopting Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning in their business processes will have a huge advantage compared to others.

One of the Area AI-ML can play a big role is App Testing. In this webinar, you can get to plan your move towards autonomous testing.

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