Mobile Visual Testing: Uphill Battle of Mobile Visual Regression #salesforce #SQAWEBINARS11JULY2018

Mobile Visual Testing: Uphill Battle of Mobile Visual Regression #salesforce #SQAWEBINARS11JULY2018



When: July 11 2018, 10.00 AM MDT

Webinar Explanation And What You Gain:

  • There are many types of testing companies need to perform in order to have confidence in their product: security testing, integration testing, system testing, performance testing, and more.
  • Often, mobile developers focus on ensuring that main end-to-end flows of their applications work by relying on frameworks like Appium or Robotium.
  • However, in the mobile domain, visual testing is essential as mobile devices differ drastically in capabilities, display dimensions, and even operating systems.
  • Visual regression testing targets specific areas of visual concepts like layouts, responsive design, graphics, and CSS.
  • Because modern mobile applications are built as hybrid and native applications, there is no way to scale this sort of testing using manual resources; hence, visual test automation should be a crucial piece of the testing stack.
  • In this talk, the audience will learn about major visual testing frameworks targeting both responsive web applications and native mobile applications.
  • Q&A

Who Should Attend?

  • Test Engineers- Yes
  • Test Architects- Yes
  • Mobile/Automation Engineers- Yes
  • QA Managers- Yes
  • QA Directors- Yes
  • VP QA- Yes
  • Anyone who has curiosity to know about SQA/Testing Automation



Dmitry Vinnik

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